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Enchanted Treasure Luxury Candle Gift Set

Enchanted Treasure Luxury Candle Gift Set

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Candle gifts can say a lot, and this sumptuous, opulent and vibrant luxury candle gift set says that you know your worth, and you know that the real treasure is the blissful moments you create. This Enchanted Treasure luxury scented candle set introduces three elegant, lavish and timeless votive candles, hand-crafted with love using the finest fragrances and natural soy wax to provide you or someone you love with a radiant oasis of serenity, harmony and tranquillity. Candle gifts can be a luxury, a sanctuary and an inspiration to ignite your delight, and this gorgeous candle gift set is all of those things and more.

This candle set includes the following three amazing scents:

Harmony - create a luxuriant island of tranquillity with a serene and beautifully balanced blend of soothing geranium, captivating peony and scintillating lemon, coming together perfectly in a fragrant oasis of harmony.

Lily of the Valley - this natural scented candle pampers you with the uplifting and rejuvenating white floral fragrance of lily of the valley, beautifully accompanied by a jubilee of lilac, rose and geranium on a base of gentle musk.

Oak and Amber - these evocative scents are warm, cosy and soothing, effortlessly redolent of a classic and timeless style and extravagantly reminiscent of nature's strength, vitality and deep, earthy luxury.

Each candle is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients at our production studio in Wimbledon and is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance. These candle gifts come beautifully presented and packaged, and the elegant and sophisticated glass containers complement any decor with exquisitely stunning looks. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a thoughtful gesture, our Enchanted Treasure Luxury Candle Gift Set is the perfect choice to show someone special that you treasure them.

Designed and hand-crafted in London with 100% natural soy wax and the finest fragrance oils, these candles are paraffin-free, paraben-free, non-toxic and suitable for vegans. They are environmentally friendly and use the finest quality soy wax together with cotton and paper wicks to ensure a clean release of scent and a long and even burn.

Specifications: Three 9 cl glass candles (white, pink and black) in a white gift box, 65 mm height, individual burn time approximately 12 hours.

Directions for use: Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface. Trim the wick to 5 mm before lighting. Do not leave to burn for longer than four hours at a time. Never let the candle burn to the end. Never leave a burning candle unattended or close to easily flammable objects. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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