Luxury Candle Gift Sets

Make every occasion memorable with our unique and thoughtful candle gift ideas. Surprise your loved ones with a truly special and unforgettable candle present.

UK Scented Candles and Candle Gift Sets

Transform your living space into a sanctuary with our range of luxurious soy wax scented candles. Experience relaxation and tranquility at home. Immerse yourself in luxury with the finest scented candles that provide light, warmth, and a delightful aroma. Our hand-poured candles are expertly crafted in the UK, designed to soothe, energise, and inspire you.

Located in Wimbledon, London, EVA Candles is a boutique studio dedicated to crafting exclusive artisan products to light up your home. Our mission is creating limited series collections of exquisite scented candles and candle gift sets, each one meticulously hand-poured to ensure a truly enchanting experience for you. To achieve our distinct and captivating scents, we are scrupulous in selecting only the finest fragrance oils.

We take enormous pride in presenting our scented candles in the most elegant containers of glass and other fashionable materials, sourced from renowned suppliers across the United Kingdom. Our commitment to the environment is uncompromising, so we exclusively use soy wax and natural wicks, prioritising sustainability.

Our candle collections are carefully curated to cater to a broad range of individual preferences, ensuring that there is a perfect candle for every taste. Additionally, our thoughtfully designed candle gift sets make for exceptional presents, ideal for any special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

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