Luxury scented candle, customer's review, Wimbledon

The golden light and gentle fragrance of Eva Candles transform my bedroom to a sanctuary, my bathroom to a spa
and always sets the warmest scene at the kitchen table for our family meals.

Lady Wimbledon

December 2020

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great service customer feedback excellent customer service Instagram 16.11.2020

Customer's feedback after receiving our product


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luxury natural candles made in UK, soy wax, paraffin free, non toxic for your home decor





 customer feedback, scented candle sample, wimbledon

Customer feedback after receiving candle sample.

I love Wimbledon Event, August 2020


Scented soy wax candle Mint and Rhubarb, paraffin free, non toxic candle

Its absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much Eva. I am so pleased with it. It’s a rhubarb and mint soy candle. It arrived in a beautiful black box, looks stylish, smells amazing and is great quality. 

Linda, Cambridgeshire

August 2020


scented candle hand poured in Wimbledon, non toxic, natural soy wax, paraffin free

 Love this smell and colour... I’ll defo be back for something else! 😬

Anthony C. 

August 2020


scented candle, hand poured, soy wax, paraffin- free
Dziekuje Ewa Kwiatkowska.... pachną cudownie🌸🌸🌸... wyjątkowe świece , polecam
June 2020
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Caramel vanilla, scented soy wax candle, home decor, present

Joanna Jankowiak - Delcol January 2019

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home aroma candle, gift for friend, paraffin free, scented product

The candles of Ewa are a perfect addition
to creating a homey atmosphere in my house.
The smell of the candles and the shapes of the
pots are easy to style. I would highly recommend these candles.                                                       
N.S.  London (September 2018)


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"Beautiful looking organic candle,  smell divine and burns well. Strawberry and Vanilla ... you would like to eat it. Amazing! Love it and can not wait to try next one.

M.R  London (October 2018)

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"Eva Candles come in good quality and wide variety of shapes and colours. Not only do they look elegant, but also their rich bouquet of long-lasting scents can perfectly match and suit ones needs and moods.
Also, characteristically, long after they are gone, the fragrances still linger on".

Chris Liverpool (October 2018)

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present for friend, paraffin free, soy natural candle, tin container

Enhance your life,
Inspire your dreams,
From the essence of nature,
To beautiful themes,
And elegant design,
To complement your style,
Ignite your passion,
And rekindle your smile. 
Flemming L. (August 2018)