The Journey Of Our Candles Helps You To Help The Planet

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What could be better than the cosy feeling of peace and relaxation that you get with one of our luxury soy wax scented candles? How about knowing that you’re not only being kind to yourself, you’re also being kind to the planet? These days, people are increasingly aware that even small decisions can affect the environment, which is why more and more of us are looking at how sustainable our day-to-day purchases are. Often this means not just looking at the beginning of the journey of the things that we buy, but also at the end of the journey of those products. In this blog we’ll tell you more about the journey of our candles, and how that journey helps you to help the planet, so to find out more and learn about our special new “Candles with a Journey” campaign, please read on.

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Our luxury scented candles begin their journey as soybean seeds. You probably already know that our lovely candles are made from 100% natural soy wax. Unlike paraffin wax, which is made from non-renewable fossil fuels, our soy wax is made from soybeans, which means that it’s natural, renewable and carbon neutral. It also gives you a longer lasting, cleaner and more even flame, and as an added bonus it’s paraben free and suitable for vegans.That’s a pretty good start to any journey, and you can read more about the fantastic history of soy wax in our previous blog.

The journey continues when we lovingly blend that natural soy wax with our amazing and exciting fragrances, carefully selected to relax, energise, inspire and delight you with scents from all over the world. It’s hard not to have a greater appreciation for the planet when your home is filled with the wonderful scents of nature, from the dry tropical forests of Peru to the heady rainforests of Asia. Once our soy wax scented candles have been carefully hand poured into our elegant and stylish containers and hand finished with all natural wicks they are ready to take pride of place as a luxurious yet affordable addition to your home.

Scented UK candle in pink glass, Rhubarb and Plum, EDition 2023You might think that the journey ends there but, for many of our candles, once they have brought light and joy to you and your home, it marks the beginning of a new journey. For customers in our local Wimbledon area we offer container refills, so when you have used up your luxury scented candle we can refill your beautiful container and you can enjoy it all over again, either with your favourite original scent, or try out a new exciting scent. Recycling candle containers with fresh scented soy wax continues their journey in a sustainable way, and that’s great for the planet and a great option for you. Refills are available one per customer, for EVA Candles containers and candle glasses only, as part of a marketing campaign that we have been running for the past two years. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

But this isn’t the end for our “Candles with a Journey”. What happens when a candle container doesn’t look as bright and new as it once did? We think it’s a shame to discard a container just because it has lived a little, so we are introducing our amazing range of scented candles in recycled containers, giving them another chance to bring light and joy to your home.

Over time, we have collected over two hundred used EVA Candles glasses at our stall in our monthly markets in The Piazza in Wimbledon. We are recycling these containers with new amazing scented soy wax as part of our new “Candles with a Journey” campaign, and offering them for a special promotional price in the monthly fairs in Wimbledon. This range of new candles in recycled containers is even better for the environment, and it saves you money, so we think it’s a natural choice to make. It’s our engagement with the local community that allows us to do this, and as far as we know it’s unique to EVA Candles.

As you can see, we care passionately about the journey of our candles and how that journey can help the planet, as well as giving you, our customers, a fantastic experience. We invite you to join us on that journey and find the perfect candle to make your world brighter and more delightful, and together we can help the whole world too. “Candles with a Journey” is one luxury purchase that doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

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