That Golden Feeling With Autumn Candles

Autumn Candles 2023

Autumn is upon us, and as we prepare and pour our autumn candles we're delighted to greet the golden season of comfortable temperatures, comfort food and comforting autumnal aromas. If summer is all about luscious, mouthwatering fruit and stimulating citrus notes, then autumn is the season of bold, heartwarming flavours and satisfying, spice-tinged scents. Why do we crave certain tastes and scents in autumn? That's what we'll look at in this blog.


Autumn Celebrations Around The World

Autumn Candles | Pumpkin

One aspect of autumn that is celebrated all around the world is the harvest festival. Here in the UK we have been expressing our thanks for successful harvests in local festivals since pagan times, and the Pilgrims brought the tradition to the United States, where it became the Thanksgiving holiday known for its savoury cranberry and pumpkin flavours. In China people celebrate the harvest moon with colourful lanterns, incense and special mooncakes made from traditional ingredients such as lotus seed paste and sweet red bean paste. 

In the Korean harvest festival people eat special confectionery made from wheat, honey, rice wine, ginger and sesame oil, while in Japan the Emperor gives thanks to the Shinto deities for the autumn harvest in a centuries-old ritual at sacred shrines filled with the scent of agarwood and sandalwood incense. In some European countries the humble apple is king, and there are autumn apple festivals where people give thanks and eat apple pies and other dishes made from apples. Sounds delicious.

Autumn Candles Capture The Mood

Autumn Candles | Harvest Spirit

It seems that certain tastes and aromas are an essential part of autumn celebrations all around the world. These inspire in us that special 'autumn feeling', perhaps because they evoke the crisp, earthy and contemplative scents of a forest walk in the autumnal air, as red and gold leaves crunch underfoot. That magical autumn mood, poised perfectly between the brightness of summer and the darkness of winter, is also why we love autumn candles so much. Autumn candles are as varied as the colours of the autumn leaves, but they all capture that heartwarming, cosy and melancholy autumn feeling. 

With all of that in mind, some of our top picks for candles this autumn are the snug, fireplace aroma of Cosy By The Fire, the magical comfort of our Evening Escape Luxury Candle Gift Set, the beautiful tranquillity of our Harmony Scented Candle, the sophisticated complexity of Jazz On The Rocks and the nostalgic, evocative relaxation of The Old Library. Each one is waiting for you to light up your home as the nights draw in.

Feeling Cosy, Comfortable And Comforted

Autumn Candles | Cosy

In the season where all around the world we give thanks for the harvest and the wonderful fruits of nature that autumn provides for us, what better time to bring the fragrance, essence and true spirit of the golden season into your home with an autumn candle. If you're in the mood for feeling cosy, comfortable and comforted this autumn then here at EVA Candles we have a great choice of charming, enchanting and extraordinary candles for you to choose from.

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