Picking The Perfect Luxury Scented Candle

premium spring candle UK, white glass, scented with Cucumber and Green Apple, edition 2023

When you’re in the mood for a bit of luxury, and you feel like treating your senses to a natural soy wax scented candle, how do you pick the perfect one for your home and for you? There’s a dizzying range of scented candles available these days, our own collection has more than two dozen superb luxury scented candles for every mood and occasion, so in this blog post we thought we would pass along some tips on how to choose the one that’s right for you, whether you’re buying your first scented candle or simply looking for something new to reinvigorate you. To make things easier we’ll break it down into three considerations when selecting the perfect candle – the scent, the size and the design. All of our candles are affordable and environmentally friendly, which means we’ve already got you covered on price and sustainability, so let’s find your perfect scented candle.

premium UK candle in pink glass

SCENT. Every candle creates a special mood, but it’s the scent that distinguishes one candle from another. It can be relaxing, uplifting or even transport you to a different place or time. Our collection has scents for men such as ZANZIBAR, feminine scents such as PEAR AND FREESIA, soothing natural scents such as JAPANESE BAMBOO and delicious scents such as PINK GRAPEFRUIT or PLUM and RHUBARB. We also have scents that evoke the mood of a particular place or happy memory, such as JAZZ ON THE ROCKS , THE OLD LIBRARY and PALO SANTO. This way, you can create the ambience that suits your personality and the kind of mood you want to evoke. If you’re looking for a candle that is bright and uplifting then something zesty like GREEN APPLE & CUCUMBER or PANDORA'S BOX will light up your home, or if want something mellow and calming then HARMOONY will bathe you in tranquillity. Choosing the scent that suits your mood is as easy as reading the evocative descriptions on our Products page. 

Premium scented UK candle Pandora's Box, black glass

SIZE. Scented candles come in all shapes and sizes and our collection is no exception, with beautiful and stylish candle vases in a variety of sizes and designs. Size naturally affects how long the candle will last, and our collection includes candles in 20 and 30 centilitre sizes, with burn times of approximately  22 and 40 hours respectively. We have also introduced our PETITE range of mini-candles, which come in 9 cl candle vases with a burn time of approximately 12 hours, perfect for trying out different scents from our incredible range or as a treat for someone special in your life. If you’ve already found a scent that you love then why not take advantage of a larger candle? The range on offer in our collection means that you can always find an affordable premium scented candle that fits your lifestyle.

Premium UK scented candle in pink glass, 2023

DESIGN. A good scented candle shouldn’t just make your home feel beautiful, it should also look beautiful in your home. That’s why we are so proud of our beautiful designs. Our PETITE range and our 30 cl candle glasses are modern, refined and elegant, and available in a range of colours, including a silvered finish, a perfect match for any home. The various designs on offer are showcased in the photos on our Products page, and we’re confident that you will find one that can take pride of place in your home. 

We hope that this guide helps point you towards the perfect scented candle for your home. Whichever candle you choose, the light, the flame, the scent and the beauty of our luxury soy wax scented candles are sure to convince you that our collection is a perfect match for you. 

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