Embracing Sustainability: Candle Refills at Eva Candles

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In 2018, Eva Candles introduced an exclusive and eco-friendly option for customers – candle refills. This initiative of giving our customers the option to refill empty candle glasses not only sets us apart, but has also allowed us to develop stronger connections with our local community. With over 250 glasses collected so far, Eva Candles has been making a positive impact on the environment while also providing an exceptional service to our local customers. In this blog post, we will explore how Eva Candles has introduced this refill option to enhance the service to our customers and become a beloved and favoured brand in the Wimbledon area.


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Convenience and Sustainability Combined:

The candle refill service at Eva Candles is a convenient option that benefits both our customers and the environment. Customers are encouraged to bring back their empty candle glasses, relieving them of the hassle of cleaning and disposing of the used containers. By offering this service exclusively to the South London community and visitors of LOVE WIMBLEDON events, Eva Candles has created a local area service that deepens our connections with the local community.


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Exchange and Discounts:

When customers return their used candle glasses, they have the opportunity to exchange them for any new candle at a discounted price of £5. By encouraging this kind of repeat order we allow our customers to explore and try different scents and designs. It also helps us develop conversations with our customers, which in turn allows us to get useful feedback on the performance and quality of our luxury soy wax scented candle products. These interactions with you, our customers, help our company to understand your expectations and preferences, guiding us toward making continual improvements to the products and services we offer.


Building Relationships and Appreciating the Environment: 
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One of the key benefits of the candle refill service is the opportunity it provides for Eva Candles to build strong relationships with our customers. We love the face-to-face interactions, and the opportunity to engage in conversations about our products. We love telling our customers about our products and how we create our wonderful candles, and we love hearing from customers about what they like and what they are looking for. The personal touch is our favourite thing about creating spectacular hand-made scented candles to inspire people and light up their homes. 

On top of that, by encouraging candle refills we are actively contributing to waste reduction and environmental sustainability. By limiting the number of discarded candle glasses, and recycling them through the refill service, we can minimise our carbon footprint. This commitment to the environment certainly resonates with our customers, who frequently tell us that they appreciate our commitment to responsible environmental practices.

 Acknowledgment and Appreciation:

Since the introduction of candle refills, the response from the Wimbledon area community has been overwhelmingly positive. The convenience, sustainability, and personalised customer experience have made Eva Candles a cherished brand in the local area. This initiative has not only enhanced our level of service to our customers, but has also centred us as a leading brand in terms of environmental sustainability.

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Wrapping up:

Eva Candles' candle refill option showcases our commitment to sustainability and building strong customer relationships. Successfully offering such a convenient and eco-friendly solution makes us stand out from the crowd, and the appreciation that we have received from the community in the Wimbledon area underscores the importance of incorporating socially and environmentally responsible practices. As Eva Candles continues to grow, our candle refill service will remain a cornerstone of our offerings, highlighting our dedication to both customer satisfaction and the planet we all share.

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