Do You Have Enough Wabi-Sabi In Your Life?

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Here at EVA Candles we are obsessed with great design, and we love to find inspiration for our candle collections from all around the world. In our April 2023 blog we looked at Scandinavian design and the concept of "hygge", and how candles create the perfect cosy atmosphere for your home. Recently Japanese design and home decor are becoming more and more popular and in this blog we'd like to look at some of the fascinating principles of design and home decor in Japan, so read on to learn more about Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" mindful design and its principles of simplicity, naturalness and tranquillity.

What Is Wabi-Sabi? 

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It sounds like the green horseradish that you eat with sushi, but Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese view of aesthetics, design and life that takes inspiration from nature, in particular the imperfection, transience and harmony of the natural world. The word Wabi-Sabi derives from words for subdued, simple, beautiful and natural, and the central idea is to reflect a mindful appreciation of nature in everything you do. You can see Wabi-Sabi in the simplicity of a Zen garden, the subtle grace of a Japanese temple and the extensive use of natural materials in a Japanese house. You can even find Wabi-Sabi in household candles. There are several principles of Wabi-Sabi, and we'll explore three of them - simplicity, naturalness and tranquillity.

Kanso - The Simplicity Of Less Is More

Fireplace candles - Cosy By The Fire Scented Black Candle

If you're familiar with Marie Kondo then you're familiar with the Kanso principle of simplicity and reducing clutter. Giving pride of place in your home to a few beautiful objects that you love can be wonderful from both an aesthetic and a mindfulness point of view. We think that our stylish and elegant candle designs are perfect to enhance your home with their beautiful simplicity, and our collections include stunning household candle designs to suit every space. That's why they make ideal gift candles for friends and family, as well as being an inspiring addition to your own home.

Shizen - Taking Inspiration From Nature 

Scented Candle | Black Orchid

The Shizen principle of following the beauty of nature means creating spaces that have a natural, organic feel. That can involve bringing in plants, using natural materials like stone and wood and, of course, using natural sources of light such as candles. Our natural soy wax scented candles fill your space with the wonderful fragrances of nature to enhance the ambience even further, and our designs and fragrances are inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Our Japanese Bamboo and our Black Orchid luxury scented candles are perfect embodiments of this, either for yourself or as gift candles for someone you love.

 Seijaku - Finding Tranquillity And Stillness

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We all want a home that inspires in us feelings of tranquillity, calmness and peacefulness. The principle of Seijaku is about finding serenity amidst the turmoil of life, and creating a space that inspires calm. There is no easier way to do this than to light a luxury scented candle and let the flame, the warmth and the amazing scent transport you to an oasis of harmony and serenity. Our Harmony Scented Candle and our Evening Escape Luxury Candle Gift Set perfectly express this quest for tranquillity, and what better way is there to express your appreciation than with the gift of serenity and tranquillity contained in luxury soy wax scented gift candles?

Wabi-Sabi shows that even humble household candles can be a mindful appreciation of simplicity, naturalness and tranquillity, and can inspire a regard for the natural world. Wabi-Sabi also includes the idea that beauty can be found in imperfections but, since we work so hard to make our candles as perfect as possible, that's a principle that we'll have to agree to differ on. If you're looking for a little more Wabi-Sabi in your life then please check out our products pages. We're sure that you will find a candle that adds a little more Kanso, Shizen and Seijaku to your life.

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