What Are Your Winter And Christmas Candle Traditions?

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What A Year!
It's the last month of the year, Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching, and what a year it's been here at EVA Candles!
In 2023 we introduced some fantastic new candles and candle gift sets, we were highlighted in a competition for Good Housekeeping magazine, we partnered with Deliveroo for local deliveries, we were featured in the prestigious Elys Wimbledon and the Moreleys Tooting department stores, as well as the Eccleston Yards in Belgravia, and we had lots of wonderful market days at the I LOVE WIMBLEDON market, and of course we have our Christmas markets at The Piazza, Wimbledon. It's been a tremendous year and we would like to thank all of you, our customers and fans, for the great feedback and wonderful interactions we have had with you. If you would still like to come and visit us at the Christmas markets and experience our fabulous range of candles first-hand, then you can find us at The Piazza, Wimbledon on December 9th & 10th, and 16th & 17th.
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Winter And Christmas Candle Traditions

If you've been reading our blogs you'll know that candles are intimately linked with Christmas and the winter holidays, celebrations and festivals. From Roman times to the Middle Ages, and right up to the present day, candles have been lighting up our winters as a symbol of hope, renewal, friendship and good cheer. This time of year is all about remembering traditions, so with that in mind here are a few fun facts about candle traditions in Christmas and winter celebrations through the ages.

Fun Facts About Candle Traditions

Did you know that the ancient Romans gave each other gifts of candles at their December Saturnalia festival, a time of gifts and banquets when people put aside their differences to celebrate together? That sounds familiar, and it's a tradition that we definitely approve of.

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Have you heard of Candlemas? In some countries February 2nd (forty days after Christmas Day) is celebrated as Candlemas. In those countries it's common to leave Christmas Decorations up until February 2nd (instead of the Twelfth Night tradition in many other countries) and on Candlemas people traditionally take their candles, representing the light of the world, to a church to be blessed.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages people would light candles in the windows of their homes in the dark December nights to welcome friends, strangers and weary travellers? We heartily agree that nothing is more welcoming than the cheerful, friendly glow of a real candle.

Did you also know that, during the Renaissance, the Scandinavian tradition of decorating your home with a Christmas tree caught on around Europe, and part of that tradition was attaching lit candles to the branches of the tree? These days Christmas tree lights are more common here in the UK, but in some other countries the tradition of using real candles persists. What could be more enchanting?

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 Merry Christmas, With Candles Lighting The Way

Whatever traditions you follow in your home this winter season, there's always a place for candles. At different times and in different places, candles represent wisdom, hope, compassion, togetherness and remembering the past. Whether you want to accentuate your Christmas table, create a warm and cosy atmosphere for exchanging gifts, or fill your home with evocative Christmas and winter scents, you'll find the perfect candles to make the most of this winter season on our product pages. Needless to say, our candles and luxury scented candle gift sets make the perfect Christmas gifts too.

Everyone here at EVA Candles would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and happy winter holidays, and we look forward to continuing to bring you great scented candles in the coming year.

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