Celebrating Mother's Day With Luxury Scented Candles

Scented Candles Sets UKMother's Day is just around the corner, on Sunday March 10th, and we think that scented candles and especially scented candle gift sets make a wonderful gift for that special day. Not only are they a great, sustainable and long-lasting alternative to flowers or chocolates, adding a touch of luxury and inspiration with wonderful home scents like our Black Orchid and Warm Cashmere candles, but candles also reflect some of the traditions and the often eccentric history of Mother's Day. In this blog we'll look at the story of Mother's Day, and you'll find out how the Christian Church, the American Civil War and two very determined ladies created the traditions that we observe today. 

Mothering Sunday, "Mother Church" And A Banquet Of Buns

Candles Gift Sets UK - blogpostThere have been many celebrations honouring mothers  and motherhood  throughout the centuries, including ancient Greek and Roman festivals that coincided with the spring equinox, when the longer days begin to emerge like a candle flame from the gloom of winter. Our Mother's Day follows a similar calendar, and it originates during the Middle Ages with Mothering Sunday, when people would honour the "Mother Church" in which they had been baptised. This day fell on "Refreshment Sunday", a day half-way through Lent when people were allowed a break from their fasting. People undoubtedly looked forward to this day, since in addition to a procession and a service in a candlelit church, everyone was allowed to help themselves to a banquet of various cakes and sweet buns.

Reuniting A Country, And A Campaign Against Cards And Carnations

Candle Gift Sets UK - Mother's Day

 In 19th century America it was common for groups of mothers whose sons had died on opposing sides of the American Civil War to get together in the name of peace and reconciliation, likely lighting candles for peace and in remembrance of lost ones. One such mother, named Ann Jarvis, petitioned to establish such a "Mother's Friendship Day" as a national holiday. She was unsuccessful during her lifetime, but her daughter Anna Jarvis carried on her work, and in 1914 the United States Congress declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day. This date came somewhat by chance from a day of preaching temperance in the sermon calendar of the Methodist Church, and that's why Mother's Day in the United States is on a different day to ours in the UK.

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You would think that Anna Jarvis would have been pleased to realise her mother's dream, but she became increasingly disillusioned with the rapid commercialisation of Mother's Day. Sales of greetings cards, confectionery and flowers, especially white carnations, quickly became so rampant that it seemed to overwhelm her message of peace in what she viewed as lazy commercialism. This affected her so much that in 1943 she started a petition to rescind Mother's Day, and in 1948 she was arrested for disturbing the peace during a protest against this commercialisation. She never seemed to appreciate the joy that she had inspired in people, but she would inspire one British lady who did.

Mother's Day Comes To Our Shores As Two Traditions Combine

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Constance Adelaide Smith, born in 1878 in Buckinghamshire, was the daughter of an Anglican clergyman. After working as a governess and a pharmacist, in 1913 she was inspired by a newspaper article about Anna Jarvis and her efforts to introduce Mother's Day in the United States. Constance loved this idea, and drawing on her Anglican roots she linked the idea to the earlier Mothering Sunday tradition, making connections between the American Mother's Day and the medieval notions of "Mother Church", Mary mother of Jesus, and Mother Nature. She started a movement to promote her conception of Mother's Day on the traditional date and, by the end of her life, it is said that this new, British version of Mother's Day was celebrated in every parish in Britain and in every country in the British Empire. Ironically, she never married and had no children so, despite promoting and bringing joy to mothers all across the world, she never had the pleasure of being a mother herself.

Light A Candle To Mothers Everywhere 

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Whether you're drawn to Anna Jarvis' conception of a day of peace and reconciliation or Constance Smith's notion of celebrating church and nature or, like most of us, you see Mother's Day as a special day to show your love and appreciation to your mother, we think the magical home scent of a luxury scented candle or scented candle set is the perfect gift and the ideal way to celebrate and reflect on the rich traditions of Mother's Day. In our UK candle gift collections you'll find the perfect luxury candle or scented candle gift set to light up this Mother's Day and show your appreciation the way you want to, including our opulent Black Orchid candle, our invigorating Fresh Lemongrass candle and our luxurious and comforting Warm Cashmere candle. Our scented candle sets make a fantastic surprise gift for Mother's Day too, and include our ideal This Special Day and YOU & ME candle gift sets. Mother's Day has meant different things at different times and in different places, but its message of peace and love is something that we can all light a candle to.

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