Scented Candles Can Really Set The Mood This Year

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Welcome to our first blog post of 2021. Eva Candles are back after our winter break, fully refreshed, and looking forward to bringing you great products, offers and stories about our range of luxury natural soy wax scented candles. We hope that you are feeling renewed and positive about the coming year as well. With spring just around the corner, and with people’s thoughts turning towards the vibrant months ahead, we thought we would look at how quality scented candles can really create a positive feeling, set a special mood, and lift up your spirits in a range of interesting and exciting ways. We’re all familiar with how the warm, cosy glow of candlelight creates an ambience that is relaxing and intimate, even romantic, but does the delightful, enticing fragrance of a good scented candle really affect your state of mind?

blog about uplifting mood by natural candleA number of scientific studies have looked at this question, and the results are fascinating. Scent is, of course, one of the ways in which we experience the world and, unlike our other senses, scent is processed through the parts of our brain that deal with emotion and memory. You might therefore expect to see a link between scent and mood, but the strength of that connection might surprise you. A 2009 Swiss study published in the Oxford “Chemical Senses” Journal looked at people’s associations between particular scents and specific emotional effects. Participants were asked to describe their feelings and rate the intensity of their emotional experience in response to twenty four different scents, including cucumber, grapefruit, lily of the valley, leather, magnolia, orange blossom and wood.
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The researchers found that the participants broadly agreed on their emotional responses to the different scents, which included happiness and well-being, delight and sensuality, relaxation and peacefulness, and being energized and refreshed.
The researchers concluded that scent plays a strong role in both soothing and stimulating people’s moods, such as feelings of being relaxed or of being refreshed and reinvigorated, and that there is good evidence that people feel more relaxed in the presence of some scents, and feel more stimulated in the presence of others.
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A Chinese study found similar results in a trial using jasmine, lavender, green  apple, pine and bergamot. A 2016 South Korean study went a step further and measured the effects of different scents on the participants’ brain wave activity using an EEG machine. They found that lavender and sandalwood had a relaxing effect, rose and ylang-ylang had an uplifting effect, and magnolia increased concentration.
You can enjoy uplifting rose in our new SPIRIT Scented Candle, and experience soothing sandalwood in our new AEON Scented Candle.
We think the science of scents is pretty interesting, but of course there’s more than science alone in the art of making a perfect scented candle. We are passionate about everything that goes into our luxury soy wax scented candles, which is why all our products are lovingly made with only the finest fragrance oils, high quality soy wax and natural wicks. Each candle in our range is thoughtfully and smartly designed to evoke a special feeling so, if you’re looking to create the perfect mood to uplift you, relax you, energise or refresh you, we think we have a good nose for the perfect candle for you.

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