How the Magic Happens - 17 Steps To Make a Candle

how to make luxury scented candle in 17 steps

If you know EVA Candles then you’ll know that all of our luxury scented candles are hand-poured and finished at our boutique studio in London.

Each one is individually made with skill and care to ensure a premium product that meets our high standards.

We’re very proud of being part of the long and fascinating tradition and evolution of artisan candlemaking, so we thought we’d take some time to tell you how the magic happens.


Preparing the Magic 

wicking candle glass, process of making luxury scented candle

The first step is preparing the candle container. Our beautiful containers are carefully selected to reflect the concept of the candle, and designed to look uniquely elegant and complement your home.

Before anything else happens, the container is carefully cleaned and allowed to dry to ensure that there are no impurities. Next the right wick is selected. All of our wicks are cotton and paper to ensure a clean release of scent and a long and even burn.

The wick is attached to the centre of the base of the container and then held precisely upright in the correct position using a special wick centering tool. The process is now ready for the next step, which is pouring the candle.

Making the Magic Happen
trimming the wick, process of making scented luxury candle

Before the pouring happens, the wax is gently warmed until it has all melted, and then cooled to the correct temperature for pouring. We use 100% soy wax, which is paraffin-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our fragrance oils are mixed in by hand, and if the candle is coloured then so is the dye. We’re very proud of our amazing range of astonishing fragrances, and they’re an important part of our total quality design philosophy. Take a look at our product descriptions to see what we mean. With everything in place and ready to go, the candle is carefully and evenly poured by hand, and this is where all of the elements combine to create a perfect scented candle.

This piece of artisan magic is now nearly ready to light up someone’s home.

Bringing the Magic to You 

labeling scented candle glass, steps to make luxury candle blog

The next step is to allow the poured candle to gently cool, undisturbed, for twenty four hours. Then the wick is trimmed to the correct length and the candle is ready for a quality control check. Any excess wax is trimmed and cleaned, the melt pool is checked in a burn test and our stylish branding is applied. With all these steps complete, the candle now meets our high standards and is ready to delight you or someone in your life with flame, warmth and scent combined in a premium soy wax glass candle.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of our production process. The benefit of a handmade candle is that you can be sure that every step and every detail of crafting the candle has been done with care, attention, skill and, we don’t mind admitting, a touch of love. We hope and believe that all of those elements shine through every time you light up your home with one of our beautiful candles.


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